From the cloudy sky to the land of dreams...

Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams

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Black on White rašė...

This is quite nice. First time I heard it. Thanks for sharing it.

It has been raining for many days here in Finland. I can't understand where the summer disappear.

Have a nice evening!

Juste rašė...

Hei!! It so pity talking about the rain, here in Lithuania is the same, all the time is raining, and i think ( i hope i am wrong) the whole summer will be wet:/

Something White rašė...

Laba diena :)
That song and the atmosphere of the dreamy land matches so well the spirit of your blog!
Lovely song and text! :)
Maybe you should move to Belgium: we had some lovely sunshine today and tomorrow it will be nice and warm again.
All the best and thank you for your kind words,

Juste rašė...

Marjolijn,I think You brought the sun to here! There are just little white clouds in the sky and the sun is shinning so bright!! Thank You so much!!:)
About the song: A friend of mine sand me the link of it and when i watched it the whole my worries gone away. So i thought: lets to share it! I put it here and just when understood that it is perfect for my blog mood! So maybe this song can be named the soundtrack of Cosy Dreams ( Jaukios svajones) blog!:D

Len rašė...

This is a sweet video! Love it when they put things like birds in front of the camera! It's funny.

Juste rašė...

Len, i like it too, it looks so childish and sweet:)